Open Enrollment for 2017:
November 14-November 28, 2016

Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC)  is our vendor for Flex Spending.  If you have a Health HRA, you should already be familiar with EBC and their website.  

How to sign up. If you already have an account with EBC because of your Healthcare HRA, you won't need to create another one. You simply click on the "renewal" tab and make your elections. If you don't have an EBC account, please follow the directions in this link to create one.
Enrollment Guide
An overview of why you should enroll and how to do that. Also includes introductions to other tools listed below.
Employee Worksheet
Helps you determine how much to put in flex spending.
Reimbursement/Claim Form
Click to fill out and submit a paper claim form. You can also go to and submit a claim electronically. Click on Participant Login, once you are logged in , click on "claims & payments". Then click on "file a claim". Please call EBC at 800-346-2126 with questions on claims.
How to Manage your Account
Tips on how to use the website to manage your account once you are enrolled.
Summary Plan Description
A more detailed description of how the plan works.
List of Eligible Expenses
What services and over the counter items you can request reimbursement for.
My Company Plan
Two page document with legal description of our Flex Spending Plan including renewal dates and election amounts.
FSA Store
Looking for ways to use up money that was put aside for flex spending? Check out the FSA store for items eligible as flex expenditures.