Benefit Cost Table
Employee Costs for Insurance Benefits
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Evansville Community School District currently offers Dean Health Insurance.   The HMO option is selected by most members, allowing access to specific Dean providers.  The PPO/POS options are also available at additional costs. 

Summary of Benefits & Coverage

Most commonly chosen plan

All employees enrolled in health insurance are also enrolled in the HRA provided by Employee Benefits Corporation.  You will be billed directly by Dean for expenses up to a certain point and the HRA will reimburse you according to the schedule below.

Billed By Dean
Reimbursed by EBC for the HRA
Your Deductible
Health Insurance Enrollment Form
To be filled out when adding or removing dependents, starting new coverage or making coverage changes.

Legal & Privacy Notices (Please review at your convenience)

Notice of Privacy Practice
Children's Health Insurance Program - Premium assistance under Medicaid
Rights under the Women's Health and Cancer Rights act of 1998
New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options & Your Health Coverage
Medicare Part D
This notice will be of interest to you if you or any family member is covered by the District health plan and are Medicare eligible. If you or any family members will not be Medicare eligible over the next year, you may disregard the notice.
Large Group Community Wide Changes