School Forest Trail Tree Donation

Give a gift that will last generations.

Donate a tree to the school forest, and we will do the planting. Donations will be recorded in a School Forest Registry.

Tree Donation Form

Make Check to:  Evansville School District

Send to:
Kendall Wethal
16907 W Cty. C
Evansville, WI 53536


  • Trees to be planted are chosen from native tree Species list.
    • Basswood (tilia american)
    • River Birch (betula nigra)
    • Sugar Maple (acer saccharum)
    • Bur Oak (quercus  macrocarpa)
    • White Oak (quercus alba)
    • Red Oak (quercus rubra)
    • White Pine (pinus strobes)
  • Deciduous trees will be a minimum of 1” diameter.

  • Conifer trees will be a minimum of 4’ in height.

  • Planting location will be determined by School Forest Committee.

  • You may choose to do the planting or let us do all the work. We will purchase, deliver, plant, and water each tree. We will
    also record the donor, memorial, native tree species and planting location in the School Forest Registry.