Instructional Services

Director of Instruction
Alice Murphy
The Evansville Community School District is committed to providing the best academic education available. The efforts of our Board of Education and educators, along with the parents, and students have created an environment of high-quality teaching and learning.
The continuous improvement efforts to reach excellence include the following initiatives for the 2016-17 school year:
  • Improve daily instruction through updated, standards-based curriculum, program and professional development
    • K-12 Literacy
      Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Working with Words
    • K-12 Science
    • K-12 Health
    • K-12 Physical Education
  • Build strong schools through effective Teacher Collaboration teams
  • Improve professional practice through Educator Effectiveness
Continuous System Improvement

Agenda 2017

Every Child A Graduate - College and Career Ready is the primary goal of Wisconsin's Agenda 2017. To prepare all students to be college and career ready, the state is focusing on four areas:

  • Standards and Instruction: What and how should children learn?
  • Assessments and Data Systems: How do we know if they learned it?
  • School and Educator Effectiveness: How do we ensure children have highly effective teachers and schools?
  • School Finance Reform: How should we pay for schools?

As we move forward, you will see work in the Evansville schools in each of these areas.

Follow this link for the complete Agenda 2017 document.