Welcome to the Grove Community Forest Trail

"Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives." -- Thomas Berry

Establishing a School and Community Forest

As part of an Evansville School District building project, a landscape architect worked with a group of staff, students and community members to design an outdoor learning environmental/landscape plan for the school grounds. A Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Service Forester visited the proposed site and recommended native trees and plants that would be successful in this area.

In the fall of 2007, several school district staff members met to move forward with the plan to establish a school and community forest. The proposed forest and diverse natural areas known as The Grove Community Forest Trail includes Wind Prairie, land along the exterior of Levi Leonard Elementary, Theodore Robinson Intermediate School and the campus region east of and along the fence line of Evansville High School.

1,200 native trees and shrubs including Butternut, Black Cherry, Sugar Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Swamp White Oak, Black Walnut, Prairie Crab, Silky Dogwood, Hawthorn, American Hazelnut, and Ninebark have been planted.

District staff is now working to enlist the help and expertise of local community members who believe in the importance of creating and preserving natural spaces. If you would like to be a part of this exciting project, please contact: Nancy Kress at 882-4011.

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School Forest Education Plan
Informational Brochure
Tree Donation Form

Project Committee Members

Jerry Roth, District Superintendent
Steve Shulta, Building/Grounds Dir.
Joanie Dobbs, Elementary Principal
Christina Ross, Elem. 2nd Gr. Tcher
Renae Smith, MS 6th Grade Teacher
James Kvalheim, HS Career Ed. Tcher
Brian Benson, HS Science Teacher
Evansville School District Principals

Butch Beedle              Isaiah Janisch
Cindy Beedle              Ann Larson
John Gishnock            David Huset
Kendall Wethal            Audrey Shomos
Nancy Kress,              Philip Kress