411 Equal Educational Opportunities
411.1 Prohibition of Student Discrimination and Harassment
411.1 Rule Student Discrimination Complaint Procedures, Administrative Rule
411.1 Form Discrimination or Harassment Complaint Form
411.2 Prohibition of Harassment on School Bus
411.3 Prohibition of Student Bullying
411.3 Form Bullying Report
412.1 Full -Time Students
420 School Admissions
420 Form  Residency Determination Form
420 Form 1  Tuition Agreement 
421 Entrance Age
421.1 Admission to First Grade
422 Early Admission to School
423 Admission of Foreign Exchange Students
425 Enrollment of and Services Available to District Students Who Attend Private, Parochial or Home Based School
428 Full-Time Public School Open Enrollment
430 School Attendance
431 Compulsory Student Attendance & Alternative Programs
434.2 High School Closed Campus
440 Student Rights and Responsibilities
443.1 Student Conduct and Dress
443.10 Code of Classroom Conduct
443.11 Student Conduct in the Classroom Administrative Rule
443.2 Student Conduct on School Buses
443.21 Rules for Student Conduct on Buses
443.2 Form 1    First Violation - Warning
443.2 Form 2 Second Violation - Suspension of School Bus Privileges
443.2 Form 3 Third Violation - Suspension of School Bus Privileges
443.2 Form 4A Fourth Violation  A - Suspension/Expulsion of School Bus Privileges
443.2 Form 4B Fourth Violation B - Expulsion of School Bus Privileges
443.4 Student Alcohol and/or Other Drug Use
443.41/522.11 Definitions Relating to Alcohol, Tobacco/Nicotine and Other Drug Prohibitions
443.5 Electronic Communication Devices on School Premises
443.8 Gang-Related or Other Criminal Acts and Student Safety
445 Student Interviews by Non-School Personnel
445.1 Procedures for Conducting Student-Law Enforcement/Social Services Interviews on School Premises
446.1 Locker Searches
447 Student Discipline:Detention, Suspension, and Expulsion
447.1 Use of Seclusion and Physical Restraint By Staff
451 Student Insurance Program
453 School Health Services
453.1 Emergency Nursing Services
453.2 Student Immunizations
453.3 Communicable Diseases
453.4 Administering Medications to Students
453.4 Form Medication Consent Form
453.4 Form 1  Physician/Practitioner Medication Consent Form
454 Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
454 Form Child Protective Services Referral
455.1 Supervision of Students
455.2 Automobile and Bicycle Use and Safety
456 Student Assistance Program
457 Suicide Prevention/Intervention Program
457 Rule Suicide Prevention Procedures, Administrative Rule
458 Evansville School District Wellness Policy and Procedures
458.1 District Nutrition Standards
460 Student Scholarships
461 Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarship
491 Students of Divorced/Separated Parents
492 Imaging or Recording of Students

Admission of Foreign Exchange Students